Commissioned in 2003, ABM Architects designed the new master plan for an existing hotel site in Cairns. The redevelopment master plan was followed with a commission to the design and document serviced apartment buildings over two stages.

As this was a redevelopment, existing retail tenants had to remain operational during construction.  ABM Architects carefully planned the design for staging to minimise impact.  The design of stage 1 allowed the existing hotel and retail uses to remain on site.  Stage 1 included the podium facilities which allowed for the future connection of Stage 2.

Once the existing hotel was decanted, its demolition made way for stage 2.

Stage 1 was completed in 2005 and stage 2 in 2007.  The designs took advantage of the sweeping vistas across the Cairns inlet and the mountains range.

ABM Architects designed, documented and assisted the construction management process.

We found the ABM project team instils a positive team oriented approach on the project and with their client and builder.Damien Stokes, Director, Stokes Wheeler Pty Ltd