Today’s Dentistry Fitout

The Design Concept was inspired by the client’s passion for Biophilic Design. This aims for the highest level of patient care in a built environment conducive to improving health and well-being and recognises humankind’s innate biological connection with nature.

Creation of a welcoming and caring environment for patients became the primary focus during the collaborative design process. This environment allows patients to feel relaxed, safe and protected. The quality care environment was underpinned by an efficient functional layout that meets the dentistry’s current best practice.

Through creative planning, spaces that are deep within the tenancy obtained external views. The open central arbour arcade simplifies circulation for the tenancy providing natural orientation and wayfinding for all.

Through ergonomic research, patient treatment rooms were meticulously designed to meet functional needs of the treating practitioner, and provide increased privacy and natural light for patients. Sterilisation Rooms and Laboratories were appointed with industry leading technology and services to seamlessly complement operations.

Abstract natural forest forms, local timber species, frosted glazing and stylised foliage shapes, reinforce the native arbour concept throughout the tenancy to all areas where the patient interacts with the care environment. Use of natural finishes, textures and colours drawing inspiration from the Queensland environment, create a relaxed, open and honest space enriching the patient’s relationship with the practice philosophy.