Padua College – Science & Arts Centre

The benefit of a decade long relationship with ABM Architects has delivered Padua College quality master planning and architecture.  These results have allowed the school to move from strength to strength.

The project’s origin began with the inclusion of Year 7 into the high school campus. The masterplan identified this as an opportunity to update not only the science, art and drama programs but also activate land acquisition at the front of the school.

ABM Architects was appointed and trusted with this responsibility.  An extensive review of existing facilities and site circulation was undertaken and a staging and design plan was formulated meeting the needs to transition into the new works with minimal disruption.

Electricity generation, among many environmental sustainable design (ESD) initiatives, was used. Accommodation of solar energy capture and infrastructure upgrades allowed use of generated electricity on campus prior to export to the electricity grid.

ABM Architects facilitated the construction management arrangement for the delivery of the project.

We've used ABM consistently for over 14 years. Their documentation is always spot on, and they keep us incredibly well informed throughout the entire process.Barry Keegan, Business Manager, Padua College