Holy Spirit Seminary

The expansion of the existing Seminary included Learning and Conference Centre, Administration and support areas.  Part new build, part refurbishment, ABM Architects provided master planning services to assist with staging followed with design and documentation of the project.

Integrating the new extension with the existing architecture presented challenges due to changed building codes affecting planning and material selection.  Through careful design, a considered response utilised complementary materials, allowing seamless continuity of the new building program with the existing.

Natural light, external vistas and cross ventilation enrich the new learning spaces, with external forms and materials carried inside. Distinctive building layers were wrapped into the existing building envelope providing a procession between the private/public, personal/community and social/spiritual domain of the community.  This philosophy highlighted the strong connection between private and public aspects of life, developing the seminarian’s understanding of ‘how to look beyond’.

The Multi-Purpose Learning Room has multi-modal flexibility in community/ educational/ cinema/conference modes. It’s colourful and vibrant palette elevates the spirit, bringing the eye and perceptions of the user ‘up and out’.

ESD principals adopted include: – maximizing natural light/ventilation; Appropriate building orientation; Mixed mode AC systems and rainwater harvesting.

ABM Architects possess a level of sophistication well beyond many mainstream architectural firms we have dealt with.Damien Stokes, Director, Stokes Wheeler Pty Ltd