Holy Cross Stage 2 – Emmaus

This project represented the extension of the Holy Cross complex and the culmination of the master plan that was originally designed in the year 2000 by ABM Architects.

The extension was situated opposite the existing chapel and across an overland flow path which presented initial design challenges.  ABM Architects were able to utilise the existing chapel as a backdrop to the views of a portion of resident’s rooms.  The overland flow path was incorporated into the landscape architecture as a dry creek bed with a procession of bridges connecting grassed open spaces.  These bridges connected circulation paths and allowed movement throughout the gardens.

Existing cottages were removed and the stained-glass windows were reused as part of the reflection room interior.  This added warmth and character by allowing diffuse coloured light to enter the reflection room and internal corridors.

ABM Architects designed, documented and assisted the construction management process of the 94-bed residential aged care project.  Each bed was contained in a single room with its own individual ensuite.

The site currently accommodates 5 major buildings designed by ABM Architects. These are Coolock, Allambe, Bethesda, Mary Damian and Emmaus.

We value ABM team’s consultative approach to planning. They delivered an integrated, contemporary aged care facility that provides a high standard of accommodation for our residents.Mercy Community Services