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Only matter of time now when our BIMs (Building Information Model) can be used this way on site.  ABM already employs cloud delivery of documentation to site along with virtual models of the project for client and builder to utilise.  This will take our information and add another use.  Exciting and efficient. Andrew Heaton’s article here explains the progress in the research in this field.  We see great advantages when members of a large client team are able to utilise our model to allow them to explore the design.







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Oasis Broadbeach 1989Seeing Carlos Diniz’s (1928-2001) astounding sketches in the ‘Return to Render‘ article by Mimi Zeiger reminded us of our sketches that we continuously create for initial communication.

Key projects that our grace our hall of fame contained similar sketches.  These were Oasis on Broadbeach and Crowne Plaza (Previously Park Royal).  Created over 20 years ago, these sketches still remind us of the importance of graphic communication to expediate the design process.

The sketches also carry the hopes and aspirations of the time, that are somewhat embedded in each pen stroke.

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The project enters into the finishing phase.  The ABM team continue to perform the periodical site visits to monitor the quality of the build.  The interiors and facade now emerge to receive the finishing touches.

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Untercio arquitectura’s solution in Madrid demonstrates that simplicity and the question of order can derive a whole different solution, and this a successful one.  In a world where space is premium to meet market expectations, the case on where you place the external sliding doors has been opened to allow many more design opportunities.  There are a few Australian Building Code issues that would need to be addressed if this was constructed here, smart idea never the less.

See there solution here

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ABM's new officeABM Architects have recently relocated successfully into our new premises.  Our new location is now on level 1, 144 Arthur Street.

With the relocation, came the opportunity to create an office interior reflecting the ABM collective approach in design, documentation and construction.

As project briefing and requirements evolve, so does the practice of Architecture.  ABM fused technological advancements with sound and proven design principles to provide a scalable solution for any project type large or small.

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Project moving quickly as the interior continues to take shape.  Parts of the exterior begin unveiling itself to the street.


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The builders are now progressing construction of the interiors in accordance with our specialist Aged Care – High Care details.  Mock up rooms completed and final samples are flowing in and out of the office.  Very exciting time for the project.  ABM Architects are proud of the progress of the Holland Park project.


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ABM Architects congratulate the adAPT NYC Finalist Tandem / Hamlin Ventures LLC, Forsyth Street Advisors LLC, Rogers Marvel Architects, and Future Expansion Architects.  See image below.  An elegant solution to what will become an ongoing worldwide challenge for affordable housing.  You can view all images and  Irina Vinnitskaya’s report of the various finalists here.

Micro Apartments NYC style

Micro Apartments NYC style

The next stage of Emporio presented some similar challenges.  Our aim was to achieve a good design outcome with a very small budget.  Building 3 Emporio is out to tender at the moment and looking forward to the start of construction.  Check out the development here.

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Finally, great to see some design action happening to the humble compact fluorescent. Time to specify more shroudless light fittings 🙂

Inventive sculptural form

Inventive sculptural form

Dhab Studios are making it happen here.

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Recently published on line on Domus, Parasite Trip demonstrate a hands on approach to responsiveness to place. A timely reminder of part of our skillset as Architects to invent and reinvigorate.

Read Tamar Shafrir’s report here

A stretched polyethylene web at Milan's unused San Cristoforo station

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ABM Architects will check with our Green Building accredited Director on its potential implementation into future Green Star projects.

Peel and stick revolution

Peel and stick revolution

Time to go sticker mad. Full article here  

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Giraffe Childcare Centre by Hondelatte Laporte Architectes

Giraffe Childcare Centre by Hondelatte Laporte Architectes

What a way to enrich the tough urban fabric of a city.  ABM Architects believe that Hondelatte Laporte Architectes have demonstrated this quite literally. Full article here

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LaCie, computer components manufacturer have a visionary approach to implementing excitment in their product design.  Louis Poulsen designed their external hard drives a few years back and now they asked Philippe Starck.  His response is quite exciting.



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Future use - box-09-by-viereck-architekten01

ABM Architects welcomes back all to 2013!  Already we have seen a great deal over the last month which we will progressively post.  We are always keen to keep our clients and ‘web punters’ up to date on our projects, activities and ABM’s general items of interest.

Austria Architects Viereck Architekten LTD designed a prefabricated structure to take advantage of ‘residual’ spaces.  Once again demonstrating that spaces that are initially conceived as ‘leftovers’ from traffic engineering and road design can be used effectively.  Check it out here.

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ABM Architects are proud of the results achieved at RACV Royal Pines at the Gold Coast.

ABM’s designed the new Executive Suites and Lounge, Restaurants and various elements of the resort.  ABM Architects have built a solid portfolio of hotel and resort projects over the years.  These have been in the Crowne Plaza – Sunshine Coast and Ramada Ballina.