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ABM Slider 1200x360 industrial

Facilities management will lead the next drive into BIM.  ABM Architects are working with owner / operators and are seeing the benefits of the use of a live building model to simulate operation costs etc.  Similar strategies are being utilised in the United States.  A good article we have found can be read here.

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Can Google revolutionise the design and construction industry?  Seems like they are working on it.  See what Moshe Lichtman has written about it.  An interesting comment:-

“The construction industry accounts for 10% of global GDP. It is the largest consumer of global resources and raw materials – 50% – and global energy supplies – 48%. It also creates the largest amount of global solid waste – 40% – and is responsible for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is the world’s most wasteful industry and the main contributor to the deterioration of the global environment.”

Read Moshe’s article here.

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lowres_duhig village_021Stage 1 Archbishop Duhig opened October 3.  ABM proud of visionary client & dexterous builder.

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Daggy GreensYes, you heard correctly, Peter McCabe is one of the legendary cricketers that this year contested the Ashes in the United Kingdom.  The Brisbane Courier Mail recently reported on their success.  Well done Peter! Check it out Daggy Greens.

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Padua College Art and Science precinct emerges...

Padua College Art and Science precinct emerges…

The new Science and Arts precinct is rising above the ground at Padua College.  The site is picking up momentum.  See some of the site pictures here.

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Coop Himmelb(l)au Gasometer Design, Vienna Austria

Coop Himmelb(l)au Gasometer Design, Vienna Austria

Rachel Shechtman, founder of STORY in New York reveals her multimedia concept being rolled out.   May be a cue for Australian retail centres?  May be combining this idea with residential development?  PSFK article here.  This reminded us of a mixed use / reuse development in Austria, by Coop Himmelb(l)au, The Gasometer.

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SR registration morning tea

ABM celebrating at morning tea


ABM Architects are pleased to announce another team member passing their Architectural registration exam.  ABM’s contemporary approach to practice enables all to obtain the full spectrum of experience to assist in obtaining registration.

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ABM journey so farABM’s graphic designers yet again explore the evolution of contemporary Architectural practice with the selected Google images for the office RE-opening party.  Tracking back to 1969 we don’t seem to think the entire globe was part of the office :).  After 44 years, maybe technology has shrunk the world for all of us during this time.

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Site Photos C3BD 018Re-purpose existing buildings, new auditorium ceilings and mix it up with new buildings – this is the exciting scope of the C3BD project.  ABM Architects are pleased with the progress and are working through the complexity of this important project.

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ABM Architect’s are recognising the shift on how Architectural design will influence future urban spaces. The Globe and Mail reported on why “millennial urbanites are attracted to beauty and back-lane urban grit, not the museums and wind-swept modernist plazas their baby boomer parents helped to build.”  ABM see this connecting with report on “How the Decline of the Traditional Workplace Is Changing Our Cities

In these articles, clues for the next evolution of successful urban design are uncovered.  ABM’s master-planning expertise see some invigorating elements that could be implemented into future projects.  These are in the  public space, high density realms and successful transformations of sub-urban to urban.  The very same issues that Australia is dealing with as it’s city densities increase.

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Site Inspection 005Stage 1 of Christian City Church is underway.  Stage 1 consists of a cafe, new amenities and internal refurbishment of the existing Auditorium. Check it out here

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IMAG1708For the third time, the ABM office attended site for a walk through to view the progress.  Visit the photo gallery here to see the latest from site.

ABM Architects actively involve members to visit sites to gain valuable experience in seeing the construction process of complex projects.

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A0996_Indernal_Drafts_2013_01_18 (2)_Page_4 web 257x600Reports daily coming in as apartment ownership is on the rise.  Yes it is becoming a fact of life and from an environmentally sustainable position it is logical. Bloomberg’s report goes into greater detail on the comparisons.  Read more here

ABM Architects have completed documentation for a project employing the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).  ABM were also commissioned to compliment the project with additional budget sensitive designs. See our solution for Building 3 at Emporio here

Our clients are always pleased with ABM’s ability to translate their cost planning requirements into innovative ideas to spatial solutions and interior design.