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Finalising interior selections for a major educational project…

Researching colour selections for one of our educational projects

Researching colour selections for one of our tertiary education projects


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State of the art science labs

Recently completed Science labs showcase the latest design initiatives at ABM. Working closely with our client, we developed up student lab pods to accommodate all class members providing greater learning opportunities.  The island teachers bench boasts a full compliment of features along with a long list of audio visual controls.  The integrated white board joinery provides an incredible amount of storage space which is critical in teaching areas.

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Tubohotel in Mexico by architecture firm T3arc

We are seeing more and more projects utilizing prefabricated aspects of the design via modules or upcycling of materials and components.  This evolution of construction is nothing new, but continually presents a unique opportunity for Architects.  Talented Architects once again showcase the fusion of the idea, construction knowledge and design to create an exciting project.  Informed simplicity!


Das Park Hotel in Austria.

Das Park Hotel in Austria.
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PMC FRAIAABM Architects congratulates Director Peter McCabe on becoming a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.