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ABM Director Carl Brooks at the recent ‘Risky Business’ ACA event. Presented alongside some of Brisbane’s experienced Architects Noel Robinson, Louise Cutler and Bruce Wolfe. A sellout event. An excellent discussion of architectural services contract conditions and client service agreements to better assist clients and their projects.
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Village square and external works nearing completion. ABM employed a series platforms as transitional design measures to seemlessly move between stages that were at differing levels. ABM Architects are excited to see the independant living portion of their masterplan design come to fruition. ABM recognises the positive contribution this will make to current residential aged care community. Another colocation success empowering residents and local community alike.

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#architecture under construction. The office of ABM #Architects regularly visits #construction #sites to maintain our high level of detailing and construction knowledge in our members. This time we visited Parque Vista 1 to view the builder’s progress. A very informative day.

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Through the trees at Duhig Village. Stage 2 retirement living scaffold starting to drop. Co-located with ABM designed Aged Care building. Master planned with 3 more stages to go. Exciting to see all of the retirement living specific details coming to completion. It is those details that makes these apartments suitable for retirement living.

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Three previous ABM designed education buildings watch on as demolition takes place to make room for St Columba’s newest addition.img_20161007_142028

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Construction is underway for the new St. Columba’s Block 2 Administration and Learning Centre. Flexible and adaptable learning spaces allow for multi-modal learning opportunities for students. Contemporary administration offices provide a revitalized support hub for students at the heart of the campus with equitable access for all, and a new identity for the school

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ABM office site visit. Part of the ongoing training ABM offers to its members. Thank you Stokes Wheeler for an informative morning. Good luck with the pour.


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Midpoint taking shape.  Scaffold coming down in our latest #apartment #design bringing finesse to #mediumdensity living.

Scaffold coming down to reveal a considered response to a site in Morningside.

Scaffold coming down to reveal a considered response to a site in Morningside.